Your Inner Party Animal

Parties, date nights, business or work dos. Whatever the occasion, the fun often ends when your night out comes back to bite the next day. But thanks to PREFUNC, you can kiss that feeling goodbye before it’s even arrived.

Loud, shy, big, small, funny, loveable or wicked – when it’s time to party, what sort of animal do you and your friends become? 

Playful Parrot

You’re hip, slick and totally sick. But once you’re in full swing, you’re unstoppable. From mindless chatter to squawks of raucous laughter, your loud personality is hard to ignore.

Laid-back leopard

You’re normally the shy, solitary type. But when you see familiar faces, you come alive. As you prowl from person to person, your elusive nature unravels, making you an excitable party reveller.

Fast-Escape Fox

You seem like a natural fit at any party, but looks are deceiving. You’d rather watch the fun unfold from a safe distance before jumping in. All while keeping one eye on the EXIT sign for a swift get away.

Flirtatious flamingo

When you see an opportunity for a good time, your flamboyant side comes out to play. You like flirting with the spotlight (and anything that moves), revelling in the attention.

Sit-Back Sloth

When it comes to parties, you’re happy to hang around in a comfy spot and wait for the party to come to you. It’s not lazy, you just like to take things slowly, it’s just how you roll.

Extravagant Elephant

Going out means going big. That means leaving your lighter side at home along with the rule book – even though it usually ends with an awkward moment everyone wants to forget (and will never mention again!).

Live-it-up Lion 

Full of pride, you act like the king of the jungle, striding right into the heart of the action. But when the night is done, you’re more like a kitten sneaking home through the cat-flap in the back door

Groove-on Giraffe

You’re cool and classy, but it all comes undone on the dance floor. Your Hip Hop is more hit and miss, and your Running Man more like a convict on the loose. But you hold your head up high and totally own it.

Zany Zebra

You love finding standing out from the crowd and expressing yourself, giving a whole new meaning to the word ‘quirky’. But your friends love you all the more for it.

All-night Owl

You’re mild-mannered by day, but a real hoot by night. Once you let your sharp wit out of the cage, there’s no knowing when it’ll go back. You’re a natural head-turner, and will try anything once.


The Social Butterfly

You can’t help but mingle with the crowd, sometimes to blend in, but mainly so you don’t miss out.  As you flitter around, your bright and friendly nature enables you to enchant and engage everyone around you.