Prefunc Thinking

  Some of the greatest discoveries in the world were made by accident. PREFUNC isn’t one of them. It’s taken some serious graft (and genius) to find a fusion of herbs, roots, spices and fruits that work together in harmony.  But we can’t take all the credit. Thousands of years ago, it’s believed the ancient sages of India developed a holistic way of thinking that brings life and science together. It’s called Ayurveda. Expertise in this tradition has been combined with more than 70 years of pharmaceutical experience to develop PREFUNC.

Family roots

The herbal formula behind PREFUNC was originally developed by a family of scientists in India. They had a history of developing medical solutions dating back to 1955.

After pioneering several lifesaving modern medicines, the family turned their attention to plant-based therapies. It was some big thinking in the family that saw the idea of PREFUNC blossom. 


If you feel the urge to let your party animal loose, you can take one bottle pre-party, pre-event or ‘pre-function’, and another 4 hours later or before bed.  It could be the difference between feeling rough or ready to go the next day.

Let’s get one thing straight. PREFUNC isn’t a medicine or magic cure. And we’d never claim it is. PREFUNC is a blend of herbs, spices, fruits, salts and amino acids. 

Reaching Out

We like to do our bit to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of people in local communities. That’s why 4 pence from every bottle sold worldwide goes towards research into cognitive sciences and supporting mental health causes. In India alone, this has helped fund clinical studies for a natural nootropic that supports cognitive balance, focus and concentration in ADHD patients. It has also helped fill the funding gap for regular medicines for over fifty underprivileged patients of Bipolar Disorder.